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Join the thousands of successful former smokers who now say,
"I am a Non-Smoker and I like it that Way!"

Since 1998, Miami Valley Hypnosis, Inc. in Troy, Ohio has offered a Single Private Stop Smoking Session which is five times more effective than doing a hypnosis session with a group of people. Your Single Private Stop Smoking Session takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Before your session you will learn about hypnosis. How it lowers your stress level. How Hypnosis is 100% safe. How you are always in control. How relaxing Hypnosis is and how you feel while in hypnosis. During your Hypnosis Session you will experience a technique that will either remove or drastically reduce withdraw symptoms from nicotine. Learn to be comfortable being around others who smoke. See and experience yourself as a non-smoker. We include FREE WEIGHT CONTROL suggestions in your session, so you don't substitute food for smoking. Some of the benefits of using hypnosis includes - Your stress level goes down. You achieve better self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence. Helps improve your memory and recall. Your learning skills improve and you sleep better at night. It has been proven that most people only use 3% to 5% of their mental abilities. By attending this program, you will learn how to tap into the full potential of your mind by using hypnosis to become a non-smoker!


My name is Barbara Felder. I have been a certified hypnotist since 1998. I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotist, Inc. followed by continued education in advanced hypnosis with a list of renowned hypnotherapists. Miami Valley Hypnosis, Inc. is located at the Stouder Center 1100 Wayne St. Suite 1593 Troy, Ohio. I do private individual sessions or small groups in my office. I would enjoy being a part of your Health Fair. Need a speaker for your group, a private gathering or place of business? Hypnosis is an interesting topic. Programs and talks can be developed to fit your topic and time length needs. Besides having presented at numerous Health Fairs, I have presented hypnosis programs for the following: City of Trotwood, Piqua YWCA, Troy Senior Citizens Center, Hobart Corp., Riverside, NKParts, Whirlpool Corp., Celebration of Life Church, Edison State College, Upper Valley Joint Vocational School, Women’s Reformatory prison in Marysville, American Association for Medical Transcription and more! I was a workshop presenter for the State of Ohio’s ODASI (Ohio Drug and Alcohol Institute) Program. I presented a three hour workshop “Discovering the Power Within through Hypnosis”. I presented a three hour workshop on “Developing Self-Confidence and Releasing the Fear of Success”. Workshops on Weight Loss, Stress, Self-Confidence, Getting In Touch with Your Angels and more are available. Contact me for more information on the workshops and classes I can present. If I can be of service to you or if you have any questions, or you would like to schedule an appointment please contact me. We Put the Smoke OUT!


Miami Valley Hypnosis, Inc.

1100 Wayne St. Suite 1593 Troy, Oh 45373


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